What Are the Benefits of Oral Brush Biopsy?
By Office of Dr. Alan M. Timko
May 15, 2015
Category: Dental Procedures
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Oral Brush BiopsyOral cancers are among the deadliest affecting Americans today. These cancers often go undetected in the early stages when they are most likely to respond to treatment. But Pittsburgh dental patients now have a unique option which may allow your periodontist to catch early signs of oral cancer.

What is Oral Brush Biopsy?

Some dentists in the industry call the oral brush biopsy “the pap smear for oral cancer.” When your dentist identifies lesions or other spots in your mouth, they can use the oral brush biopsy to pick up those cells for testing. The brush painlessly lifts the cells from the area without the need for scalpels or cuts to the mouth. Your Pittsburgh periodontist will then place the cells on a slide and send them to a laboratory for results.

How Accurate is Oral Brush Biopsy?

When subjected to rigorous clinical trials, the oral brush biopsy has been shown to be very effective in identifying cancerous or pre-cancerous cells. The samples sent to the laboratory for testing are analyzed by a high-speed computer system. You may also receive a scalpel biopsy for a definitive diagnosis.

Who Needs an Oral Brush Biopsy?

If your periodontist notices any lesions or concerning white spots in your mouth, they may recommend a biopsy to detect cancerous or pre-cancerous cells. The oral brush biopsy causes no pain, requires no anesthesia, and involves very little bleeding. Ask your periodontist if an oral brush biopsy is the right method of biopsy for you.

The Benefits of Oral Brush Biopsy

  • Quick and easy for your dentist to perform
  • Samples a larger area than scalpel biopsy
  • Requires no medication or anesthesia

If you are concerned about lesions or bumps in your mouth, see your periodontist for an evaluation. Dr. Alan M. Timko of Pittsburgh, PA offers oral brush biopsy for your comfort and convenience. Schedule an appointment for your biopsy today by calling (412) 364-6777.