How Pinhole Surgery Can Treat Gum Recession
By Alan M. Timko DMD
December 04, 2014
Category: Dental Procedures

Dr. Alan M. Timko, DMD, specializes in The Pinhole Surgical Technique for correcting receding gums.

Gum recession is a common and gradual dental condition that most people may not even know they have. The first signs of gum recession are tooth sensitivity and teeth that appear longer than normal. Since gum recession will only continue to get worse, it’s not a condition that anyone should ignore.

There are several causes for gum recession including periodontal disease, heredity and even vigorous tooth brushing. With periodontal disease affecting almost half of the American population, gum recession has become a serious and more common problem. However, Pittsburgh periodontist, Dr. Alan M. Timko, DMD offers an advanced new treatment—The Pinhole Surgical Technique—for treating gum recession.

The Pinhole Surgical Technique, created by Dr. John Chao, DDS, corrects gum recession without the need for a scalpel, stitches, or skin grafting. Through the use of a needle, Dr. Timko makes a pinhole in the gums and uses special instruments to loosen and move gum tissues back over the tooth. The technique eliminates the need for sutures or cutting, so patients experience a procedure that’s only minimally invasive and promises minor post-operative swelling and discomfort. Those with receding gum lines can turn to Dr. Timko to treat their condition with this state-of-the-art surgical technique.

While some dental procedures take multiple visits and post-surgical downtime, the Pinhole Surgical Technique can be completed within one to two hours and most patients can return to their normal routine the next day. To become a specialist in this cutting-edge procedure, Dr. Timko had to participate in a two-day seminar that offered hands-on training, which included live surgeries and handling post-operative follow-ups. He is the first and only periodontist in the Pittsburgh area who is certified in this technique. A faster recovery time, less post-surgical discomfort, and real results make Pinhole Surgical Technique a revolutionary new way to treat gum recession. 

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