Could a Crown Lengthening Surgery Help Me?
By Alan M. Timko, DMD
December 08, 2016
Category: Dental Procedures

Find out whether this surgical dental procedure could improve the shape and even health of your smile.

You might not have heard of crown lengthening before, but it’s a fairly common procedure that requires our Pittsburgh, PA, periodontist, crown lengtheningDr. Alan Timko, to remove bone, gum tissue or a little of both to make a tooth more visible. Find out why we might recommend getting get crown lengthening surgery and how it is performed.

Why might I need crown lengthening?

Crown lengthening might be an option if you are dealing with a damaged tooth. This is often the case with a tooth that breaks or fractures at or below the gum line. A crown lengthening is also a great option if there isn’t enough of a tooth above the gums to actually support a dental restoration like a filling or crown. In order to place one of these restorations, our Pittsburgh gum specialist will need to expose more of the tooth by removing bone or gum tissue from that area.

If you have a “gummy smile” this aesthetic issue can also be addressed with crown lengthening.

What is involved in this dental surgery?

Before you even get surgery you will need to go through a thorough consultation with our periodontist to make sure that this is the right procedure for you. We will discuss your medical history and take X-rays. A professional cleaning will also be done before your surgery.

Crown lengthening is done under local anesthesia and the length of your procedure will depend on how many teeth we need to treat. Of course, whether we just need to remove tissue or both tissue and bone will also affect the length of your treatment.

We will make small incisions in the gums to pull them away from the teeth to expose the bone and roots of the tooth. Sometimes just removing some gum tissue is all that’s needed to expose as much of the tooth that we need to fully support a crown or filling. However, there are some cases in which bone will also need to be removed. Once the tooth is fully exposed, we will stitch the gums back up.

Do you have questions about crown lengthening? Wondering if it’s right for you? If so, then it’s time you called our Pittsburgh, PA, dental office to schedule a consultation today.